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  • Karl Weinmeister

    Karl Weinmeister

    Cloud AI Advocacy Manager at Google

  • Antoine Solnichkin

    Antoine Solnichkin

    Software Engineer | Technical Writer @ devconnected | Into DevOps — System Administration — Open Source http://devconnected.com

  • Marco Peixeiro

    Marco Peixeiro

    Senior data scientist | Author | Instructor. I write hands-on articles with a focus on practical skills.

  • Ashley Willis (McNamara)

    Ashley Willis (McNamara)

    Director of DevRel @Microsoft ❤ @GoogleDevExpert // For speaking requests: speaking@ashley.dev

  • Wendy Hollands

    Wendy Hollands

    Australian technical writer based in the French Alps. Interested in technology, travel and winter sports. New clients always welcome! See www.wendyhollands.com

  • Tim Butler

    Tim Butler

    Naeus Co-Founder, working to help people connect with nature and explore. NGINX Cookbook author. Infra manager at Conetix. Father to a Type 1 Diabetic.

  • Sébastien Léger

    Sébastien Léger

    Sébastien is passionate about artificial intelligence, which inspired him to build Loud ML — software that enables engineers to implement AI-driven applications

  • AlexTavgen


    Technical Architect.

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