TL;DR InfluxDB Tech Tips: Configuring a Slack Notification with InfluxDB

Notifications Endpoint Options

Creating a Slack Notification Endpoint

Creating a Slack Notification Rule

  1. Name your Notification Rule.
  2. Specify the frequency that you want your Notification Rule to be triggered in the Schedule Every field.
  3. Specify an Offset. It’s generally a good idea to include a small offset to avoid read and write conflicts.
  4. Specify the conditions of your check status. In the example below, I’ll receive alerts when the status has a level of “CRIT”.
  5. Finally, specify which Notification Endpoint you want to send your Notification Message to and what you want your Notification Message to contain.

Final thoughts on configuring a Slack notification with InfluxDB




Developer Advocate at InfluxData

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Anais Dotis

Anais Dotis

Developer Advocate at InfluxData

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