TL;DR InfluxDB Tech Tips: Configuring a Slack Notification with InfluxDB

Notifications Endpoint Options

This TL;DR assumes that you’ve already used the InfluxDB UI to create a threshold check to maintain the focus on how to send those check statuses to a notification endpoint. All Notification Rules and Notification Endpoints configured through the UI are executed by a Flux task that’s generated behind the scenes. You can create the following notification endpoints with the InfluxDB UI which uses the following Flux packages:

Creating a Slack Notification Endpoint

A Notification Endpoint is the destination that an alert is sent to. The first step in creating a Slack Notification Endpoint is to navigate to the Alerts page and click + Create under the Notification Endpoints panel.

Creating a Slack Notification Rule

A Notification Rule specifies the conditions of a check so that an alert is sent to your Notification Endpoint. The first step in creating a Notification Rule is to navigate to the Alerts page and click + Create under the Notification Rules panel.

  1. Name your Notification Rule.
  2. Specify the frequency that you want your Notification Rule to be triggered in the Schedule Every field.
  3. Specify an Offset. It’s generally a good idea to include a small offset to avoid read and write conflicts.
  4. Specify the conditions of your check status. In the example below, I’ll receive alerts when the status has a level of “CRIT”.
  5. Finally, specify which Notification Endpoint you want to send your Notification Message to and what you want your Notification Message to contain.

Final thoughts on configuring a Slack notification with InfluxDB

I hope this InfluxDB Tech Tips post inspires you to take advantage of InfluxDB to set alerts and create notifications capabilities. Share your thoughts, concerns, or questions in the comments section, on our community site or in our Slack channel. We’d love to get your feedback and help you with any problems you run into! And as always, we encourage you to share your story and let us know about the cool projects you’re developing with or on top of InfluxDB.



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Anais Dotis

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